Dental Fees

General Dentistry

  • Examination £60.00
  • Emergency Appointment £65.00
  • Small Digital X-rays £13.00
  • Hygiene visit £75.00

    45min appointment

  • Hygiene visit with air polish £110.00
  • Hygiene visit direct access £99.00
  • Panoramic Digital X-ray (OPG) £90.00
  • CBCT Scan £175.00 - £250.00
  • Reporting of CBCT Scan £85
  • Sports Mouthguard from £140.00
  • Hard Bruxism splint from £520.00
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Dental Implants

  • Dental Implant Consultation £90.00
  • CBCT Scan £175.00 - £250.00
  • Dental Implants from £2500.00

    Per implant

  • All on 4 Implants from £13,500

    Per arch


  • Porcelain from £785.00
  • Full gold crown 60% gold from £880.00

    Cost weight dependant

  • Porcelain Veneer from £825.00
  • Dental Bridges (per unit) from £720.00
  • Crown lengthening (simple) from £60.00
  • Crown lengthening (complex) from £140.00


Composite (tooth coloured resin fillings)

  • Small from £160.00
  • Medium from £180.00
  • Large from £225.00
  • Aesthetic or Functional complexity from £50.00

    additional fee per tooth

Other Restorations

  • Amalgam Restorations from £105.00
  • Composite Veneers from £300
  • Composite Edge Bonding £200
  • Fissure sealants or PRR £60.00 - £135.00

    (Preventative Resin Restoration)

Root Canal Treatment

  • Single root (tooth 3-3) from £400.00
  • Premolar from £550.00
  • Molar from £750.00

Re-Root Canal Treatment

  • Single root (tooth3-3) from £550.00
  • Premolar from £670.00
  • Molar from £870.00

Dental Financing

At Dalmeny House Dental, we are proud of our dentistry and confident in the treatments we carry out. If our patients fulfil their role in looking after the work we have done we are happy to offer a two year guarantee.

This includes all dental treatment carried out on adult patients. The guarantee is valid by following a few simple measures:

  1. Attend for recall appointments at the intervals recommended by your dentist
  2. Attend the hygiene appoints at least twice a year
  3. Maintain an excellent oral hygiene regime and an appropriate diet
  4. Wear recommended protective appliances, for example mouthguard
We cannot guarantee dental treatment failing for the following reasons: Trauma, Inappropriate or lack of care, Additional dental treatment required, Active gum disease, Bruxist – clenching or grinding.

We do ask for deposits for all appointments. We can appreciate appointments times may need to be changed. We do ask kindly if an appointment time does need to be changed 48 hours notice can be provided for the deposit to remain valid. The deposit may be lost if adequate notice is not provided.

Chrysalis Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out the regulated activity of credit broking.

If you are considering having dental treatment, you may be interested in the payment plans we offer to fund the treatment you require.

You must be over 21 years old and have lived in the UK for atleast 3 years to apply. It is really easy to apply. We will send you a simple online credit application, which our team can help you to complete. This information is then sent to Chrysalis Finance Limited and a reply is received. The credit agreement can then be signed that we print for you or you can complete it via email at home. £500 – £25,000 can be borrowed subject to status. The treatment can be started as soon as the credit agreement is signed.

The monthly repayments will be calculated and explained to you for the different plans available by our team prior to starting the application. The repayments will be made by direct debit and start 1 month after the credit agreement is signed.

If you decide you no longer want the finance, there is a statutory 14 day “cooling off” period, in which you can cancel the credit agreement. If you have started the treatment in that 14 day period which had been financed, you will need to find an alternative means of paying for the treatment.

Tooth Whitening

  • Home Whitening kits £475.00

    (Boutique Whitening)

  • Extra top up syringes £35.00 per syringe

    (Boutique Whitening)

  • Internal external bleaching from £500.00

    Dependant on teeth involved

  • Enlighten £650.00

    Home and In-chair whitening

  • Extra top up syringes for Enlighten £85.00


  • Invisalign (single arch) from £3300.00
  • Invisalign (both arches) from £4995.00
  • Vivera retainer (x3) From £550.00
  • Essix retainer from £185.00
  • Fixed retainer from £250.00

Facial Aesthetics

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments from £185.00

    (1 area)

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments from £300.00

    (2 areas)

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments from £400.00

    (3 areas)

  • Gummy Smile from £300.00
  • Dermal Fillers from £250.00

    Additional charges may be incurred if extra filler is required / wanted


  • Extraction (simple) from £135.00
  • Extraction (complex) from £200.00
  • Wisdom tooth (simple) from £200.00
  • Wisdom tooth (complex) from £250.00


  • Acrylic full dentures from £1400.00
  • Acrylic full dentures single from £700.00
  • Acrylic partial denture from £650.00
  • Flexible denture from £750.00
  • Metal framed CoCr denture from £1300.00
  • Repair denture from £90.00
  • Express Delivery Charge £40.00

SmileCare Plan


  • 1 General Examination Per Year
  • 2 Hygiene Appointments Per Year


  • 2 General Examination Per Year
  • 2 Hygiene Appointments Per Year


  • 2 General Examination Per Year
  • 4 Hygiene Appointments Per Year
  • 10% discount on private treatment (excluding Invisalign)
  • 10% discount on purchases from our dental shop
  • Worldwide Accident & Emergency Cover including mouth cancer benefit
  • Necessary small digital x-rays
  • Continued NHS treatment for children
  • Free assessment of dental pain in opening hours
  • Free antibiotics dispensed on site when clinically necessary

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