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Check my teeth

At Dalmeny House Dental we believe prevention is better than cure.
We always take a preventive approach to our care. We spend the time with each and every patient to understand their issues, and working together to create a tailored treatment plan for their needs.
It is particularly important for us to educate our younger patients of the benefits of maintaining good oral hygiene to ensure they feel safe and comfortable visiting the dentist.

A dental check is one of the most important appointments you can attend. We are carrying out an overall comprehensive health screen. We will thoroughly assess all the hard and soft structures in your mouth, including any existing dental treatment.

This will include checking your lips, cheeks, neck, jaw joint, the soft lining of your mouth, the supporting gum and bone structures, and your teeth.

At each and every check up you attend, we will carry out a mouth cancer screen to ensure early diagnosis and subsequently improving treatment outcomes. For this reason alone, we always recommend all patients attend every 6 – 12 months.

During the appointment we will explain the findings and offer bespoke solutions to any problems we may identify. You can rest assured that you will always be involved in all the decisions regarding your treatment and care. We use cutting edge technology to help our patients understand and visualise the problems. This allows us to educate our patients and build trusting relationships with the team that care for you.

At Dalmeny House Dental we take bleeding gums and any other gum related problems very seriously. The gums and bone are the foundations and they house our teeth. Like a house, if the bone and gums are not stable the teeth will be lost.

Bleeding gums are the first sign of gum disease and should not be ignored. It is crucial we keep your gum health optimal. Most people will suffer from gum disease at some stage in their lives. The good news is our caring and gentle hygienists will work very closely with you to help look after your gums.

Our hygienists will clean the gums, remove build up and devise a bespoke oral hygiene plan to ensure you have the best possible oral health.

At Dalmeny House Dental, we also provide Direct Access Hygiene appointments for people who are not already an existing patient. This means you can speak directly to our experienced dental hygienists and receive our high quality dental care.

We take pride in the fact we have always been a family dental practice. At Dalmeny House Dental the whole family is invited. We understand the value of prevention and are passionate in educating our growing patients to maintain optimal oral health.

We welcome patients from as early as their first tooth erupting to establish good oral healthcare habits and to acclimatise to the new environment. This creates lasting positive experiences and memories at the dentist. The integration of these good habits early on pave the way for good oral health throughout life.

It can be really overwhelming when you suffer from toothache, dental accidents and pain. We understand it can be very distressing and the importance of seeking professional help as quickly as possible. 

At Dalmeny House Dental we offer same day emergency appointments for all emergencies from broken teeth, severe pain, lost crowns, fillings to abscesses and swollen faces. We will always endeavour to care for your emergency to minimise more dental problems in the future. We do have antibiotics available at the practice.

Should you have a dental emergency, please Dalmeny House Dental on 0208 330 2144. One of our team will advise you accordingly.

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Repair my teeth

Our team utilise the latest technology and techniques to restore your teeth back to their natural appearance and function.
We believe preservation is key to the longevity of your teeth. We will always conserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible and use minimally invasive dentistry to provide treatment that will last.
We understand the importance of natural looking smiles and smiling confidently. Our clinicians are all highly trained to use the best materials to the highest standards.

When teeth are badly broken down due to decay or a large filling, an overlay or crown are used to fix the tooth. An overlay or crown provide strength and protection by fitting over the remaining part of the tooth. 

Our dentists have undertaken further post graduate training in Aesthetic Dentistry to ensure the overlays and crowns elegantly blend in with the natural teeth and achieve long lasting results. Many of our patients prefer tooth coloured porcelain to give the restored tooth to produce the most natural look.

When there is decay in the tooth a filling is needed. We always recommend the use of tooth-coloured composite fillings, as they are a great solution to giving teeth back their natural form and function.

Previously silver (amalgam) fillings were used as the material of choice. Silver fillings act as a wedge within the tooth and do not prevent tooth from breaking in the future. In comparison tooth-coloured composite filling are bonded to the tooth, strengthening and protecting the tooth.

Traditionally Amalgam fillings are used to fill holes in teeth weakened by tooth decay but it does nothing to strengthen the tooth and prevent them breaking further down the line. By using tooth coloured composite fillings, we bond the tooth together, strengthening it and making it last longer while retaining a natural look. To improve the appearance of your smile, we can replace your silver fillings with tooth coloured fillings.

A root canal treatment is required if the nerve in the middle of the tooth becomes infected. The nerve can become infected due to tooth decay or an injury to the tooth. 

Our dentists are highly skilled in treating the infected tooth, restoring the tooth back to its natural shape and colour. We carry out treatment to the highest standards to ensure the best long-term outcome. It is a skilled treatment procedure and usually is carried out over two visits. Overall the treatment will feel very similar to having a filling placed.

Enhance my teeth

At Dalmeny House Dental we understand the importance of smiling confidently with a beautiful, natural smile you’re proud of.
Our highly experienced team of dentists provide a range of aesthetic treatments, including teeth whitening, straightening and smile makeovers. We will always spend the time to discuss your desired goals and recommend a bespoke plan best suited to your needs and wants.
We pride ourselves in using minimally invasive modern techniques to achieve the most natural results for all of our aesthetic dental treatments. We ensure we always use the best quality materials producing dentistry to the highest standard. Further to this we work closely with our excellent ceramicists and lab technicians to produce outstanding work.

So many adults spend their lives feeling embarrassed of their teeth when they talk, smile or laugh. At Dalmeny House Dental we feel passionate about changing that, we want you to spend time showing off you smile, not hiding it. 

Many people feel they do not want to wear unsightly metal braces for years or they are concerned the procedures involved could be too expensive or invasive. There are alternatives to move teeth into their correct positions in a much more discreet way, giving you the confidence to show off your smile! Clear aligners are a great, efficient option to fit into a busy lifestyle. We have helped many patients achieve a straighter, healthy smile they’re proud of.

Our clinicians will discuss your desired goals, carry out a thorough assessment and discuss in details all of your suitable options, including both clear aligners and traditional fixed braces.

Teeth whitening is a safe and non-invasive treatment to enhance your smile, achieving youthful, whiter appearance. Overall the treatment is a really simple and effective in producing excellent results. Teeth whitening can be carried out safely on patients over the age of 18 years.

Over our lifetime, the colour of our teeth will change. The colour can be affected by a number of factors. As we get older, our teeth get darker. Dark stained food and drinks, such as tea and coffee and smoking will also make our teeth darker. Whitening removes the stains from the enamel and only works on the natural teeth.

Overall the whitening procedure is very simple. Our clinicians will make you customised home whitening trays, once these are fitted, the whitening gel kit will be issued. You will be shown exactly how to apply the gel in the whitening trays at home. This will be carried out daily or nightly for a few weeks. Home whitening is great as you can stop as soon as you are happy with the colour of your teeth.

If you have discoloured, worn, chipped or crooked teeth, we can provide a solution that will have you smiling confidently again. At Dalmeny House Dental we genuinely believe everybody should feel good about their smile, and that’s exactly what we love to achieve for our patients.

We are proud to provide our patients with brighter, whiter, natural looking smiles from simple tooth whitening to adult braces. We use a range of aesthetic dental treatments to achieve optimal results. All our clinicians have carried out extensive post graduate training and have the knowledge and experience to carefully plan your case to achieve your smile goals. The number of teeth involved will be tailored to your needs.

When teeth are stained, chipped or slightly out of line we can utilise composite dental bonding as a solution. Modern techniques in dentistry allows us to preserve all of your natural tooth structure when improving your smile.

Our dentists have trained with world renowned speakers and honed their skills to understand the colour, shape and characteristics of the front teeth. The composite is sculpted onto the teeth to complete your smile. The material is buffed and shined to produce a natural shine and finish like your own teeth.

Commonly composite bonding is carried after tooth whitening and/or dental braces to achieve the perfect smile.

Composite veneers can also be placed. We can recreate thin (false nail like) veneers over the teeth. They are a great solution to changing the shape of the teeth and to mask mild mis-alignment. We take the time to discuss the shape, colour, fullness and length to create what you desire. We will spend the time trialling the teeth in the mouth, so you know what your new smile will look and feel like, giving you the confidence to know your teeth are exactly what you wanted.

Patient Testimonials

Hear what our patients have to say about their treatments at Dalmeny House Dental

Replace my teeth

We will always endeavour to save your natural teeth, despite of best efforts, the only option may be removal
We understand losing a tooth or multiple teeth can be overwhelming but it is good to know we offer multiple solutions to create natural looking replacements.
Our clinicians will always take the time to discuss and explain all of the suitable options for you, helping you to make the right choice.

Dental implants are used to replace either single or multiple missing teeth. They also offer a great solution for patients who have no natural teeth remaining. They are considered the gold standard option as they produce the closest result to a natural tooth. 

A dental implant is just like the tooth root, it is placed in the jaw bone. The artificial root is used to support one or more false teeth. Once the implant screw is placed in the bone, an implant crown is placed on top of the implant screw. At Dalmeny House Dental we take the time to work closely with our implant lab technicians to ensure the result is natural and fits in seamlessly with the remaining teeth.

If you have lost a tooth or teeth from decay or an accident, we understand it can really affect your self-confidence, when talking, smiling and laughing. Loss of teeth may stop you eating foods you enjoy, or you may want to discard your denture for good. At Dalmeny House Dental we have options that can be tailored to your specific needs. If you are considering implants, our dentists will carry out a thorough examination and a 3D CT scan to ensure implants are the best treatment for you.

A dental bridge is a fixed, non-removable option to replace a missing tooth or teeth, used to restore the smile. A bridge is natural looking porcelain tooth which has a metal wing attached to it. The metal wing is bonded to the inside surface of an adjacent tooth and is hidden.

A careful examination is carried out to ensure the socket of the missing tooth has fully healed and settled. We will carry out a very conservative preparation on the adjacent tooth. We take lots of photographs to create and replicate the missing tooth with our excellent lab technicians.

Dentures are a removable option to replace missing teeth. They can be used to improve the smile and function. At Dalmeny House Dental we recommend dentures when multiple teeth are missing or there is not sufficient jawbone to house implants.

Dentures can be made from solely plastic or both metal and plastic to improve the denture strength. They are removable for cleaning to maintain the health of the gums and skin under the denture. We do recommend regular dental examinations to check the health of the gums and functionality of the denture.

Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics rejuvenate and reduce the signs of the ageing face.
We use this term to describe a range of non-surgical treatments which soften fine lines, wrinkles and redefine certain facial contours and features. They are used to create a more radiant and youthful appearance. Facial aesthetics may also me described as anti-wrinkle injections and fillers for example.
Unwanted facial lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume in the face is due to the natural ageing process, lifestyle and environmental factors. This can result in the face appearing more aged and tired.

At Dalmeny House Dental we use safe and effective treatments to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our wrinkle reduction treatments relax the muscles beneath the skin to produce a smoother appearance.

Areas treated commonly consist of the forehead, crow’s feet and the area between the eyes. We will always carry out a thorough assessment at your initial consultation and create bespoke plan with you to achieve a more radiant, youthful appearance.

As we get older the supporting structures under the skin weaken. The ageing face will have loss of healthy fat under the skin, leading to downward skin sagging, creating unwanted lines or folds.

Dermal fillers restore the lost volume of the face, improve the appearance of the skin and add extra hydration. They are utilised to reduce unwanted folds and wrinkles. Dermal fillers can be used to improve the definition of certain facial features including the lips, the cheeks and the chin.

Excessive sweating can have really big impact our daily lives and confidence. It can make people feel very self-conscious and uncomfortable. At Dalmeny House Dental our highly trained clinicians can safely administer hyperhidrosis treatments to reduce the excessive sweating. 

The treatment works by reducing the activity of the sweat glands. Changes can be noticed within a week and the treatment can last up to 12months. The most common area this is carried out is the underarms, it can also be carried out on the forehead and hands.

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